Function-based Food Preservation Solutions

Function-based Food Preservation Solutions

Different food spoilage mechanisms correspond to different solutions. Aprofood has been committed to researching food preservation strategies for many years, and has comprehensive analysis capabilities to provide global customers with different customized solutions for different spoilage reasons. Whether it is from the purpose of preservation or from the characteristics of food, we can find a satisfactory solution for you.

What is Food Preservation What is Food Preservation?

During the process of production, storage and sale, food will deteriorate due to various factors, making it no longer suitable for human consumption, such as microbial contamination, pests and diseases, the action of endogenous enzymes, protein degradation, lipid oxidation, etc.

Especially for some fresh foods (aquatic products, meat products, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc.), consumers often have higher requirements for their color, flavor, nutrition, texture, and if appropriate measures are not taken, it may cause some diseases that endanger the human body. Therefore, we need to keep food fresh to prevent or slow down food spoilage, prolong storage time, maintain good sensory quality, and prevent the occurrence of some foodborne diseases.

Objectives of Food Preservation Objectives of Food Preservation

  • Avoid Food Oxidation
    Foods rich in fat are easily oxidized to produce strange flavors and unfavorable colors. For fruits and vegetables, natural pigments will also be oxidized, which will reduce the quality of fruits and even deteriorate.
  • Avoid Microbial Contamination
    Food is a natural medium for microorganisms, which can decompose nutrients in food, produce odor and toxins, and lose the sensory texture of food.
  • Keep Food Moisture
    The loss of moisture will cause the texture of the food to harden, pigmentation, and poor taste, and it will also be accompanied by unfavorable oxidation reactions.

Our Solutions

With extensive experience and expertise, Aprofood has long been committed to providing a full range of function-based food preservation solutions to customers around the world.

The antioxidation solution for food is to prevent or delay the oxidative deterioration of food in an all-round way, improve the stability of food, and achieve the purpose of preservation. Aprofood can customize and optimize the formulation of a series of antioxidants, and can also develop and apply natural antioxidant ingredients.

Food antimicrobial solutions are to comprehensively inhibit or kill harmful microorganisms that affect food quality, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. Aprofood can customize and optimize the formulation of a series of antibacterial agents, and can also develop and apply natural antibacterial ingredients.

The solution to food moisture retention is to keep food moisture in all directions and inhibit moisture loss, especially for fresh food and fruits and vegetables after picking. Aprofood can customize and optimize compound formulations of a range of water-retaining agents, and provide comprehensive professional research and application recommendations.

Aprofood is committed to providing extensive support in food preservation-related research to customers around the world, and our professionals can help you achieve your food preservation goals by finding the right functional ingredients. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions!

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