Irradiation-based Food Preservation Solution

Irradiation-based Food Preservation Solution

Irradiation is a highly effective technology for killing microorganisms and Aprofood can adjust the dosage according to your needs. The irradiation is highly penetrating, homogeneous, and residue-free, the irradiation process can be precisely controlled, and there is virtually no thermal effect, preserving the original characteristics of the foodstuff to the maximum extent possible.

Introduction of Irradiation Preservation

Irradiation-based Food Preservation Solution

Irradiation preservation technology using high-energy rays can make microorganisms undergo a series of physical and chemical reactions, inhibit their respiration, the production of endogenous ethylene and peroxidase, and other enzyme activities, thereby improving the quality of food hygiene and prolonging the shelf life. At present, food irradiation preservation treatment to γ-ray application of the most important, the reason is that the cobalt-60 radioactive source is relatively easy to prepare, and the release of γ-rays of high energy, strong penetration, and half-life is more moderate.

Our Solutions

Aprofood offers the development of irradiation-based food preservation solutions. We can irradiate food products using γ rays from radioactive sources or electron beams from accelerators. We can use γ rays from a radioactive source or electron beams from an accelerator to irradiate food to inhibit germination, sterilize insects, regulate ripeness, maintain freshness and hygiene, and prolong shelf life and storage periods. Thus helping you to reduce losses and preserve food.

  • Agricultural products in the process of preservation of quality degradation of a major element are the long shoots, and the use of our development of ray radiation program can destroy the plant's deoxyribonucleic acid and disrupt the plant's hormone metabolism, to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the germination of agricultural products.
  • By inhibiting the rate of metabolism and slowing down the respiration and chlorophyll breakdown of the plant, the radiation program slows down the maturation process and prolongs the freshness of the plant.
  • Rays have a bactericidal effect, and the use of irradiation preservation programs can directly destroy the deoxyribonucleic acid of bacteria so that bacteria lose the ability to reproduce. Thus achieving the effect of sterilization.

Our Advantages

  • Cold treatment programs, do not change the temperature of the substance itself during treatment and thus do not alter the taste and nutritional value of the food itself.
  • Irradiated food can be transported, stocked, or eaten immediately after treatment. Irradiated food does not become radioactive and is not harmful to the body.
  • Irradiated food can be sterilized with the packaging intact, avoiding infection and leaving no residues as with other methods.
  • Sterilization is complete, and irradiated food, as long as the packaging is intact, can have a longer shelf-life.

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