Lactoperoxidase-based Food Preservation Solution

Lactoperoxidase-based Food Preservation Solution

Many studies have been conducted on lactoperoxidase as a food preservative, and edible food packaging films/coatings developed using LPS can significantly improve food quality. Aprofood deeply explores the field of enzyme engineering and is committed to providing comprehensive lactoperoxidase-based food preservation solutions to global customers.

Overview of Lactoperoxidase

Lactoperoxidase (LP, EC is a heme protein commonly found in milk and is particularly abundant in colostrum. LP is an animal-derived peroxidase present in secretions such as saliva and tears of humans and animals. LP, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and thiocyanate anion (SCN-) can form a lactoperoxidase system (LPS) with strong antibacterial function. The main function of LPS is to utilize H2O2 to catalyze the oxidation of specific molecules to generate reaction products with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. For this system to be antibacterial, SCN- or halogen must be present as the second substrate (electron donor).

An antimicrobial activity of the LPS occurs through the oxidation of SH groups of microbial enzymes and other proteins with HOSCN and OSCN-. LPS has been shown to inhibit Gram-negative and catalytic microorganisms, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, and Pseudomonas; while Gram-positive, catalase-negative bacteria, such as Streptococcus and Lactobacillus, can only be inhibited by LPS.

Fig. 1 Mechanisms of antimicrobial activity of the lactoperoxidase system (LPS).Fig. 1 Mechanisms of antimicrobial activity of the lactoperoxidase system (LPS). (Yousefi, et al., 2022)

Application of Lactoperoxidase in Food Preservation

Application of Lactoperoxidase in Food Preservation

At present, the application of LPS in food preservation is mainly for various edible food packaging films/coatings integrated with LPS. Edible food packaging films/coatings containing LPS can maintain the sensory and nutritional quality of food and prolong shelf life, mainly due to the antibacterial properties of LPS. Due to the good stability of LP, LPS is usually prepared using a buffer solution and then directly added to the film-forming solution. LPS used in edible food packaging film/coating usually includes LP, glucose oxidase (GO), glucose, KSCN and KI or H2O2, and the application range is mainly fruit, seafood, poultry meat products, ham, etc.

Our Solutions

Combining enzyme engineering technology and expertise in the food industry, Aprofood is committed to providing global customers with comprehensive solutions for food preservation based on lactoperoxidase system.

  • Development of Lactoperoxidase System
    LPS preserves the sensory and nutritional quality of food and extends shelf life. We offer the development of a variety of LPS, its final application form can be food additives or food preservation films and coatings.
  • Evaluation of Lactoperoxidase System
    Our comprehensive evaluation can carry out comprehensive biochemical analysis and effect verification of the constructed lactoperoxidase system, including the analysis of the antibacterial mechanism and the evaluation of antibacterial properties, and the effect on food quality and shelf-life extension.

Our Advantages

Extensive experience

Extensive experience in building lactoperoxidase systems.

A series of tests and verifications

A series of tests and verifications to meet specific requirements.

Effective problem-solving process

Effective problem-solving process to accelerate customer's project.

Fast turnaround times and competitive pricing

Fast turnaround times and competitive pricing to drive innovation.

Aprofood is committed to providing extensive support to global customers in food preservation related research. Our professionals can provide you with comprehensive food preservation solutions based on lactoperoxidase. Please contact us for more possibilities of your project!


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