Lysozyme-based Food Preservation Solution

Lysozyme-based Food Preservation Solution

Lysozyme can selectively decompose the cell wall of microorganisms without destroying other components, and is an important food preservation tool enzyme. Aprofood deeply explores the field of enzyme engineering and is committed to providing comprehensive lysozyme-based food preservation solutions to customers around the world.

Overview of Lysozyme

Overview of Lysozyme

Lysozyme (EC, also known as N-acetylmuramidase, acts on the β-1,4-glycoglycan bond between N-acetylmuramic acid (NAM) and N-acetylglucosamine (NAG). Lysozyme is widely distributed in various organisms in nature and can be divided into two categories according to the different microorganisms it acts on: bacterial cell wall lysozyme and fungal cell wall lysozyme.

In the food industry, lysozyme is a non-toxic protein, which can selectively dissolve the cell wall of the target microorganism and make it lose its physiological activity, while other nutrients in the food will hardly cause any loss. Therefore, it can safely replace chemical preservatives that are harmful to human health (such as benzoic acid and its sodium salts, etc.) to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life of food. It is a good natural preservative.

Application of Lysozyme in Food Preservation

Overview of Lysozyme

Aquatic Products

Lysozyme has a strong decomposition effect on Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus radiodurans in Gram-positive bacteria. It also has a certain degree of dissolving effect on Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris and Vibrio parahaemolyticus, and can be used for the preservation of aquatic food.

Food Flexible Packaging

Food Flexible Packaging

The function of antibacterial and fresh keeping can be achieved by immobilizing lysozyme on food packaging materials. High temperature sterilization can easily destroy the sensory quality of food. If a certain amount of lysozyme is added before the product is vacuum-packed, and then pasteurized, a good preservation effect can be obtained.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Adding a certain amount of lysozyme in cheese processing can prevent cheese from foaming and flavor deterioration in the middle and late stages and does not affect the quality of cheese base liquid during cheese aging. It can also play a bacteriostatic effect without causing butyric acid fermentation.

Dairy Products

Wine and Beverages

Most microorganisms cannot survive in sake, but a type of lactic acid bacteria called fire colony bacteria can grow and cause acid production and odor. At present, the use of non-toxic egg white lysozyme to replace salicylic acid as a preservative has been successful. In addition, lysozyme can also be used in the preservation and preservation of beverages with pH 6.0-7.5. 

Our Solutions

Combining enzyme engineering technology and expertise in the food industry, Aprofood is committed to providing global customers with comprehensive solutions for food preservation based on lysozyme.

  • Formulation Customization of Lysozyme
    According to the application form of lysozyme in different foods, we provide customized compound formulations based on lysozyme, including but not limited to: compounding with existing food additives, compounding with natural extracts, compounding with biopolymers, etc.
  • Modification of Lysozyme
    Based on the requirements of functional properties (surface hydrophobicity, cell penetration, bactericidal properties, etc.), our solution package provides a series of physicochemical enzyme modification methods to improve the conformation and function of enzymes.
  • Evaluation of Lysozyme System
    Our comprehensive evaluations include simple conformational and enzymatic activity assays, as well as comprehensive efficacy analyses of lysozyme-based solutions (bacteriostatic activity, shelf life, sensory quality, etc.).

Our Advantages

Rich experience and professional team

Rich Experience and Professional Team

Comprehensive verification and optimization

Comprehensive Verification and Optimization

Choice diversity and customization

Choice Diversity and Customization

Controllable project development process

Controllable Project Development Process

Aprofood is committed to providing extensive support to global customers in food preservation related research. Our professionals can provide you with comprehensive food preservation solutions based on lysozyme. Please contact us for more possibilities of your project!


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