Food preservation products refer to the products used in food to prevent the deterioration of food due to microbial propagation during storage and circulation, or the deterioration of the internal quality of food due to poor storage and sales conditions, and the decline of color, so as to improve the storage period and extend the edible value. In addition to some commonly used chemical reagents for food preservation, the extraction of some active ingredients from natural sources of animals, plants and microorganisms has also attracted extensive attention, and these active ingredients are more easily accepted by consumers because of their green and safe sources.

Aprofood provides a variety of high-quality products for food preservation to promote basic research and new food development. In addition, we continue to expand our products to meet changing research needs in the future.

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Aprofood will continue to combine multidisciplinary knowledge and continue to expand the scope of services and products to meet changing research needs in the future. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and products for food preservation.

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